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Krisis yang Mendorong Kelahiran Kembali

Di mana ada masalah, di sana terdapat peluang. Kalimat sakti di dunia kewirausahaan ini tidak hanya menjadi slogan kosong bagi Denmark. Negeri dongeng tersebut kini menjadi salah satu negara terdepan dalam urusan merebut peluang yang ditawarkan oleh problem masif lingkungan, yaitu perubahan iklim.

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NTT Facilities
PT. Biodiesel Austindo wishes to announce we have leased a warehouse in Kupang, West Timor, for the storage and processing of Jatropha seed into CJO.
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Govt needs to set jatropha price
Experts called on the government on Wednesday to establish a market price for crude jatropha oil (CJO) to draw more investment into the country's developing biofuel sector.
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EU members set to demand tougher biofuel standards
Member states look set to demand stricter sustainability criteria for biofuels made from agricultural crops in a bid to avert negative environmental side-effects linked to their mass production, according to a draft paper circulated by the Slovenian Presidency. The draft suggests that governments have agreed that a Commission proposal requiring all biofuels used in Europe to deliver life-cycle CO2 savings (i.e. during production, transport and use) of 35% compared to conventional fuels is too weak. However, definite figures remain unclear due to persistent disagreements between member states.
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